Violinist In The Station

Mon, 05/27/2013 - 20:43 -- ibie10


United States
37° 44' 8.0592" N, 122° 10' 49.0116" W

As the touches cease the scent is dispersed. The feeling hard to find. Walking only over traces; debris from what was left behind. Body frozen and unable to get back to that heavenly place. Trying to live without, only to see memories jogging. Extremes of both worlds tasted, and spat out in regret. Suppression of careless times when time was of no threat. Reservations not needed, so anywhere is where we sat. The world was our canvas, and we admired the strokes. Now one's left sitting, all alone in a scene. Where the past seems cruel and faces turn mean. Still smiles stay held handy, waiting for sunshine and better days. Warm nights and starry skies, enjoying the absence of suns' rays. Splashing drops down on windows, soothing two as they lay. Enjoying the present, because these are the better days. Soft holds and beautiful smirks, thought of every moment of every day. Overjoyed when seen, but only left with daydreams. The violinist in the metro station, the beauty is never seen.


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