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I cannot share a space with you, for you know all my secrets.
The silence sings and screeches of unspoken truths between us.
You exhale skeletons on your breath, hot and thick with knowing.
Exposed, I stand eviscerated, all my insides showing.

Tension twangs across my thoughts, a tight rope I am walking.
Entangled in your gaze, I’m caught with not a word worth talking.
Memories dance pirouettes, distorting all my vision.
I sink into my silhouette, a slave to your derision.

Time stands still, yet rushes past; a day, a week, forever.
The woulda-coulda-shoulda-beens, if only we had weathered.
I cannot share a space with you, as my soul is full of knowing
That I was too weak to break away from the nowhere we were going.


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