Peace by Piece


United States
39° 21' 41.1588" N, 76° 35' 21.3972" W

They say I need closure, that my heart will be at peace
I just look at them like naw I got too much pride to speak
Heart shattered piece by piece will have that effect
So I guess this is how it’ll be
Something whispers to me
“Baby he still got it”
Me & my heart, one piece
I object saying no I already let that go, its been well over a week.
They look at me & listen to my words
Knowing I may mean it when I speak high of he
But they still say “Che please speak your piece”
And again I tell them its only going to happen if what use to be confronts me.
With my pride comes fear, fear of the actions they beseech
I could do what they feel & wish I never took my reach
Or it could go how I want, yet I feel it will still bring defeat.
Got so out of touch, I look in the mirror & ask who is she?
Because once upon a time the she I knew wouldn't hesitate to chuck up 2 and leave
That part of me was attached to the peace that was scooped right out of me.
Ready to make my next move like a chess piece?
Maybe but I refuse to bring my past stress into the future I want to start with he.
I can say when we get together, we talk about it all, in our sanction of peace
Don’t want to jinx it…but he may be the one to help me lock this other door
My “not so missing” piece.


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