Ultimate Breakup Song

You think you’re so cool
Breaking up with me by phone
I’m sorry but obviously
You don’t know the definition of gentleman
You think you’re in the zone,
Taking girls on dates in private jets
Then treating them like shit?
I hated that stupid old pickup truck

You think you’re so cool
Leaving me in the dust
Let’s get one thing straight
I’m the famous one and you have no right to stand me up
Don’t expect me to come crawling back to you
I know for sure that we are
Never ever getting back together.
You lost your chance when you gave me up
I can’t believe that you put
Your reputation before me
I loved you but obviously you don’t feel the same

You’re sorry! Like I haven’t heard that before
Last time you said that
I saw you with another girl the
Very next day!
I’m so done with your excuses
We are so over!



This poem was for a rock star angst poem. Taylor Swift was my inspiration because recently she has been facing a lot of negative comments which she doesn't entirely deserve but she has managed to keep her head held up high.

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