The Worst Part Of Me


I am a different person because of you.
You were the lies to all my truths.
The deception to all my honesty.
The hate to all my love.
The insensitivity to all my feelings.
The lack of empathy to all my pain.
You were the addiction to all my problems.
You were the kick when I was down.
You were the failure to my every success.
You were the defeat in my every victory.
I was your outlet for all your guilt.
I was the backup plan in your blueprints.
I was the violence that you portrayed.
I was the second to your first.
If there was a problem it was mine.
If the perception was bad, it was me.
You had a rationalization for every wrongdoing.
You were the impossible to my every possibility.
You were the nightmare to all my dreams.
You have been, and always will be, The Worst Part Of Me.


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