Take A Little Piece Of Me

We sit together again
'My parents are
I'm being pulled apart
Like a string in
Tug-of war

Offer me your sympathy
Take a little piece of me

Joke with me again
Tell me cheesy one-liners
A deep resounding laugh
Happiness spreads across my cheeks

Smile genuinely at my contentment
Take a little piece of me

Call you on the phone again
'Mom and Dad are getting a
Listen patiently as I sob
Hear my pain

'I'll pray for you' you say
I lean on you again
And trust in your presence
Take a little piece of me

Today I wouldn't smile
You ask 'You OK?'
I lie sweetly
'Just tired'.
Can't tell because
It's you

Slowly you are
Slipping away
Removing yourself from me
Like old tape
Slowly, attempting
To not leave a mark

But I notice
This distance is a boulder
One more load to carry
My constant, you were
And, suddenly
You are
Washing yourself clean of me

Oblivious, you were
To how many pieces you took of me
Oblivious, you were
To who you've become to me

You were my everything
But now
I'm left with

You liar
Acting like you'd
Be here forever
Never forever
Not even tomorrow

You've become the final
To crush me

You thief
You took too many pieces
One by one
You stole everything
Even my heart

You took too many pieces of me


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