The Lies of a Shooting Star


United States

Just another night Just another night Thinking of you in the star light Without you i cant get through my days So theres no way imma make it tonight I thought of you When i saw a shooting star My wish was you would do the same But its just a shooting star I really dont know how i made it this far I guess its cuz i see you in the stars And the city lights Cruising down the street at night You r the only thing on my mind When im not with you i have no might I thought i got you out of my thoughts But then theres those nights When i see you in my dreams U come to me and it feels sureal You tell me you love me and finally it sounds for real But then i wake up and tears fall from my eyes Cuz it wasnt real Ive finally woke up from some bad dream And im starting to see There aint no such thing like the girl of my dreams  My dreams are just dreams So let me be And i saw the whole world whenever i saw her face Arbitrarily i assumed this was my destiny Even though she wasnt meant for me Reality seems To be plotting agaisnt me

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