Strangers, We Must


United States
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I used to think we could be one of two things--
friends, or strangers
But I've come to the realization that it MUST be the latter
I am so incredibly attracted to you
And I can't help myself
I'm absolutely drawn to you in every way, despite every awful thing you've done to me.
I forget it instantaneously when I look into your eyes and press your forehead against mine
But this...this isn't healthy
You don't care about me.
You don't even respect me.
And when I'm with you, I don't respect me either.

I almost do wish my heart could be as numb as yours.
You seem to have no problem doing what you do to me
But I've come to the realization that there's nothing wrong with the way my heart works
Maybe that's the way it SHOULD work.
I shouldn't have to repress my feelings because I should be with someone
And feel free to love, and be loved.

That's something I can't have with you

And it pains me to say goodbye, but I know how little it affects you.
You'll lose no sleep over this. And in time, I'll be a faint memory.
And I need you to become a faint memory to me.
So I need distance. I need not to see you anymore.
I need us to be strangers once again
Because I need all or nothing, and you won't give me all.
And I can't bear to see your pretty face.
So please, stop tempting me
Stay away from me
Be a stranger


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