Words Can't Describe

Tue, 05/14/2013 - 22:26 -- MirDunn


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Honestly I can’t get a grip on my words or what I’m trying to say,
Every photo in this gallery looks at me in a different way,
Hundreds of thousands of girls in this world couldn't make me feel, the way
That you made me feel each and every day, if someone paid me a billion dollars
To give this love away I would laugh and say this love isn't worth your pay,
But wait…If someone would've told me that I would hit rock bottom and a half for any women,
My response would just be a simple gesture of a smirk and shrug, maybe laugh and dance until they walked away,
3 years doesn't seem like much but being with you, felt as good as a mother touching her newborn for the first time,
Better than the sight of your child graduating college,
Better than experiencing your first true love.
But love, with you love had more than a meaning it was a life style a culture it was breathing and living,
It was or should I say she was right beside me always urging me to go on follow your dreams baby boy,
Are the words that spore from her lips so pure,
Soft to the touch love at first site couldn't be explained but she took a cold hearted man and made him warm again,
Showed me what it was to truly be in love,
Never understood it but damn I was so in love….But that was then…and this is now…..
A text every now and then how do you do. Fine, well I was only checking in,
Can’t seem to find that smile that lit up a room whenever you were around,
Can’t seem to find that spark that shock my friends and our ex’s apart,
Can’t seem to locate pin point or restate the last good time we had,
Everything’s so dark I can’t even find were my heart went,
I take the blame I was selfish and my anger took away everything I once loved,
It was like destruction knew the way but I guess love’s gone,
She hopped on the train left me and never looked back again,
Grab a bottle of gin drink my pain away or at least until my liver collapse then,
Maybe I can be happy once again,
A tragedy but love is a catastrophe built with so much emotion that when it falls nothing is left to tell the tale of a pair who was happy to be one,
But when it has begun there’s no way to stop the down-slope,
If you try to avoid it, it would sting more than a pissed off wasp or bee
But than what is left for you to think when there’s no entry back into the home you helped make,
Back into the story you helped create,
But yet your put in the jail that was pre-made one in which no one has escape,
Not even death can change your fate,
But…that is now…I wonder what’s next maybe the loved that we shared could be put in history books,
Maybe it would fade and no one would remember our name,
Maybe in a few years we would be waiting for the next train heading to no man’s land,
But that’s just a possibility; life is full of them,
There is no moral there is no plot this is just a story of a lonely lovers rise to the top and deadly fall that ended it all,
But that’s it he would never be remembered, nor be forgotten his name will be whispered in the wind of each and every stormy winter night.
He was me but who am I…who was she, I guess it’s truly hard to say goodbye.



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