The Text

 It was 11pm in the beginning of February.

There was a group text. 
It was like the universe aligned.
Months of friendship and flirting,
Until you finally won my affection.

Smiles and laughs became cuddles and hugs.
You give me a ring pop in the cheesiest of ways.
Everything is perfect.

And then the storm hits and the world I built for us shatters.
Broken glass and pieces of my heart everywhere.
I cut myself repeatedly trying to fix it, while you walk away.
But it was your gun that fired first. 

And now, 
As I sit here crying,
Surrounded by all the broken pieces,
I hope for a miracle that I figure out how to put them back together. 

I thought we were golden like daylight.
I was wrong. 
We were a supernova,
And our light dimmed out. 



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