Saying Goodbye

I been fighting for something that's not there 

Waiting on someone who don't care 

This love thing just ain't fair 


And yeah you say you love me and that you'd always be there 

But what happened when I closed my eyes and everything disappeared? 


Broken promises, broken hearts, and mixed feelings 

All these thoughts in the air but where's the beginning? 

Where do I start? 

What can I say? 

Too young to stress 

Swear this pain eating me away 


You claim you wanna stay but I'm realizing you wanna play 

You think you a player but I already know the game 

I've played it well, wrote my wrongs & sent them away 

Cause I've grown from my mistakes, childish ways killed off 

Played with a couple hearts that I'm not proud of 


Wanna send my apologies to those I've hurt before 

I guess my karma is finally being served 

In the end you get what you deserve 

You encounter what you was running from & it shows you who you were 


I'm saying goodbye to the old me I was living 

We had some good times but I think our story has been written 


While I'm saying goodbye to you I might as well say goodbye to the relationships that have served their sentence 

You are all forgiven but we cannot keep pretending 

& this also goes out to these friendships that have no more meaning 

I guess I was hoping we'd keep in touch but that became too much 

No matter what you still have my love 


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