One Month Since Apache

It's been one month since I was standing here last.

With this wonderful man hosting.

And a beautiful partner in the audience.


I had written a poem for them.

About them,

And their stupid flannel

And their stupid snapback

And their stupid face

And how i wanted to kiss that stupid face

Do you remember?


And when I finished and came off the stage

They hugged me tight and kissed me and told me they loved me.


7 days ago, I was in their arms and they told me they loved me

3 days later they left me with a broken heart.


You told me you wanted a future.

You told me I was special.

I gave you a ring, a promise!

That I would be there for you no matter what and that I would love you no matter what!

And you took it and wore that promise on your hand.

I still hold that promise.

I’m still here for you.

I still love you.

That didn’t change when you left because that's not how love works.


Look, I know I screwed up pretty badly,

I know it's my fault,

But how can you say you loved me, then tell me 3 days later you don't want to see me anymore?

Did you mean it when you said you loved me?!

If you meant it, then how could you leave me?

You're not supposed to leave the minute things get rough.

Love is supposed to be about working things out.

We could have worked this out!


If you didn't mean it, then I wasn’t the only one who lied here!


Love is patient.

Love is kind.

So I guess you never loved me.



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