All we do now is just question the feeling

Always thinking the other plans on leaving

I told you my goals a long time ago

You the one to decide to stay or it let go

Both living in limbo cause we don't fucking know

I never claimed the answers but I knew I could get ‘em

These odds are stacked against us but I knew we could beat ‘em


It's easy to say you want and put no effort

Cause that's where want and work differ

You work for the things you can't be without

You just want things you could live without

So I know your mind is filled with doubt

But don't you dare try to spout

That I wasn't always there and never tried to bailout

Yeah I wasn't perfect we both made mistakes

But don't blame if you decide to pump our breaks


I'm giving you all I can but you always question why

Sure I thought about it that I won't deny

But girl I made a promise for you I'll always ride

My word is my bond it's your choice to put that aside

I'm doing my best and no it ain't easy

Being with you without you that's our peace treaty


Look, all I want is to call you mine

Let me make it clear this ain't a deadline

Not asking for an answer but just a simple sign

Anything to clutch while I'm on the decline


Right now you don't need selfless

So I'm telling you "be selfish"

For god sakes don't worry about me

It's my mess to clean don't you see 

Take time for each option and find a solid answer

As we make the idle chit chat and banter

Yes girl, take care of you

You can have your cake and eat it too

All I'm saying is...eventually this cake will walk out on you


But that's the pain with you beauty

Because even if you don't chose me

I'll be hurt but I just want you to be happy

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