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The thorns laying on your way, The monsters that are hiding in the bushes, But it’s all up to you To conquer them Whether they are easy, Or difficult, And it’s all up to your thoughts.  
Many times we get hurt my words Wether we be diffrent or just nerds  We carry much sadness and pain To what extent will we ever gain We often thank we are alone  And often we complain with a groan
Oh how far I've come
the words didn't come easy when i sat down to ... write I almost claimed writer's block and gave up without a  fight "no filter", my topic a pretty broad umbrella
Mama I love you more than any other on Earth. No matter who came I always felt first. To you, I am a blessing and never will be a curse. No matter how wrong, You never changed my worth.
Some people say that they are perfect in every way, and maybe it is true, but not being perfect,
I'm walking in the woods, The leaves crushing under my feet.   I smell the bark from the trees and the life from the ground below me. As I continue walking, it starts to rain.
Two cartoony tigers, Friends for life, Who live in a house That bounces all night. Two giants, Father and son. One smart, One dumb, One is mean, One is bullied. A pine tree,
A baptism. Though maybe not. A popular fear, I call it my home.   Diving in I feel alive Letting bubbles play chase They reach for the sky, I reach for the depths.  
Hello This is your  subconscience speaking. Who is currently being repressed by your thoughts. It seems that the person who you're trying to reach  is temperally unavailable. Don't you belive me?
The way I love you Makes Me such a masochist My sweet quiet love
Jagged lines,     I prefer. But it's hard when    there was a curve.   Easy breezy      now distrought Don't pinpoint life;     it's not a dot.   It's not perfect.
Couldn't sleep, my eyes restless as my mind whirs in frustration. Why? Why? You left me and have let me go, but I still can't grasp reality.
Close your eyes and imagine All the things that could happen Wake up to a cup full of coffee
I live in my dreams Blind when my eyes are open Closed is when I see.
You Lied You Lead Me on Man I thought I could trust you Tought there was a reason you asked if I liked you If I wanted to meet up I thought maybe just maybe you to Then you put me on the spot
The unforgettable night I had, That made everyone except me mad, I was playing in a basketball game, To win it was my aim, Splish splash the net goes, The sound only ballers know,
Sick and tired of the glares and grimaces Because I look different than the rest I could look just like them; painted faces
the simplest things; pencil, paper, eraser.  why is it so hard to sit and write or to tell people how we feel?  there are simpler things to life.  we just make them hard to overcome. but why?
You say it's better not to know. It won't get out the window. I'll never tell, Until you ring the bell. The bell of permission. About your secret mission.
On your mark, get set, go. Boom the gun shot I run up fast to catch up to the lead Running in the new shoes that I have bought I have to come in the top four; it's a need  
You don't own me.. My past is dead. It holds no meaning What happened happened. I need to be free of it; I need to believe in feelings that are true, That are beautiful, that are real. 
Belladonna     A beauty that illuminates such carnation hue   You defiled me with your sinful pleasure  
He is brown hair and brown eyed. He is tall and thin.  He does not have a single blemish on his face. He has no warts. He does not smell.  Why does everyone avoid him?
The seas are calm. My soul is free The birds are singing let them sing. In sweet harmony and song my soul is free. The sun is shining. Let it shine upon me.
I have a lot of plans for my future. I really want to make something of myself. I am currently trying to make it out of high school alive. I work hard every day at my school, because I want to get out of here.
The scent of vanilla In my hair; Dancing across my body; The cinnamon taste On my tongue When he kisses me; The burnt feeling In his chest when He looks into my  Warm eyes;
   As you March through this life, Your steps are forever traced- Legends- are left behind Precious Memories, are scattered- throughout this earth.
Hope, Being portrayed as a bird or a silver lining, Always positive. Never has it been seen for what it truly is, A double edged sword. One edge being the outcome we desire and the other being... Painful.
Everyone has those moments Where doubt clouds the mind And they themselves end up broken They turn: numb, undetermined and blind   They cannot simply survive, neither can I.
your kisses on my neck, cheeks, forehead, and lips. your arms holding me like that was the sole purpose of their creation. your hands and how they fit perfectly into mine. your eyes
expections highly regarded impossible if you saw it  exceptional straight a scholar not good enough if someone tops her people see international star dancer she shrugs it off without answer
Once upon a time Feeling all alone I was plucked from my roots Carried to a new place forced to call home I am Lost   Travelling place to place In search of a new mother Maybe a dad
She says sit like a lady but has rules against chairs. Here's six hours of reading, I'm sure you have time to spare.   Here's a screwdriver and wood now give me boat. There is a list of to-do's,
Red, The colour you bleed As you pour your heart To the stranger on the bus. Red, The colour you bleed As you pace back and forth in your bedroom Contemplating
The great blacklight in the sky Makes the people wonder why All the dismal things have gone And the shadows have moved on.   The shining face of a kind man Makes us feel that we too can
The Door bell rings "who is it" no reply, again it resounds still no reply Annoyed legs stomp aaway, opportunity was knocking,  I did not open the door
Trapped in this world lost without a map, Like a bee caught in tree sap. I don’t know where to turn it’s all a blur. I feel that I won’t be able turn anywhere; just as the bee, now confined in amber.  
we live in a world of constant contradictionopinions with unknown recognitionconstantly looking over our shoulderquestioning those we know won't listena world of true infidelity
Teachers yell and scream students trying the chase their dreams noone by their side kids asking why   Teachers don't undestand why no work is getting done all you hear is blame  
The time has come for us to leave A time to celebrate our victory, Our time together, both good and bad Times of laughter or boredom, Of shame, love, and envy This chapter of life is coming to an end
  Once a generation lived Anonymous. They had an inescapable forbidden love. Parents blame it on incompetence; Forbidden because of its godliness; Anonymous to afraid of the consequence,
How nice it must be to be a goldfish Living in ignorance. Sometimes it is the complexity That wrongs our lives. Best to learn from the fish Happy and simple.  
It is said that black is beautiful. Black is rich. Within every molecule of melanin: there are stories, there are tears, there is a fight.
We were tight, thought everything was right. But apparently not, because you forgot. One day you left with no reason. It was like treason.
The center of a circle, stones coming fast, my eyes are closed and my thoughts are vast. Hums of secrets whisper through, my body weak, my fingers blue. Accusations in despair,
Sweet like soda pop, Bubbly like champagne, You make everyone around you laugh and smile. The misty sky That makes rainbows appear, A kaleidoscope Beautiful like gems in the sun,
Run in circles like a mouse in a trap. Squeak, squeak: "I’m a victim. Everyone else is a cat  Playing with the end of my tail. " Only the strongest shall avail.
You were born into this world as nothing but you, The potential was endless, if only you knew.   Question has been there, a childhood friend,
Blue Skies Blue goodbyes But don't fret we've still got plenty yet we'll throw  a plane and fly a ball Now lets all ride the Hopisticall He's blue and red and furry all over
I used to fear ghostsGhosts of peopleGhosts of pastsGhosts of memoriesGhosts of what could have beenGhosts, I thought, were the essence of fearThen the ghosts came to me
Every night it's the same hopeless dream Every day you can't stand the writhing pain No one understands what you go through No one understands the inconveniences it brings
 Lets run far away Where no one can find usFind a little place to stay  Build a life on love and trust.
I walk through the empty room, cold and scared.  It is dark in the room, but not the door.  Underneath it shines a light that is glared. Its brightness is something not to ignore.
Four years, many tears. Ups and downs, hills and mounds Of hurt, of happiness, and plenty of excitement I'm living, I'm learning, I'm leading I'm here, I'm finishing my fourth year.
You're looking skinny like a modelWith your eyes all painted black.Always going to the bathroom,Saying you'll be right back.Well it takes one to know one, kid.I think you got it bad.
  Not all kisses are magic, not all guys live up to your expectations Yet we all fall into some kind of a temptation. There are moments where romance, friendship, love,
Running through the motions  Each day, In and Out  Hard to remain focused  When hustling about "Come in sit down take out your books!"  Can't you see the way it looks?  My peers and I are not the same
Do not use your words as knives.There are too many people with open wounds,Self inflicted lacerations,Bleeding freely.
Its complex but beautiful  from those first dribbles and frustrating tears to that first made three pointer Its a journey    From the never ending supply of gatorade 
I used to wake up with a smile,Every day was beautiful.I was 10. But slowly.. Slowly..I let people drain away my smile.Slowly.. Slowly..I woke up annoyed,Irritated,Angry.
Although the clocks hand’s may twist and wind in an infinite tumble round It only takes but a moment in time for one to utter a sound.   A breath though silent means all the more as its heavy waves roll up the shore
He is a musical man, say the numerous awards and medals hanging on the wall and shelves in his room; a composer too, say the many pieces of music marked “Send to publisher” on his desk; and a good singer,
The ache in my arm lingers.Ebbs, a painful melodySlowly, it spreads through my body,Exploring the raw lands that remain.
The pain of the world strapped to their ankles a poet is weighed down.   Weighed down like cotton bales strapped to hunched backs; stone uprooted by torn cuticles and nails
  Everything I have, I will freely give Not because it is my duty But because you are my love   Your body I will protect
The words cut like knives. The actions cut like swords. And I stand here... bleeding. By myself. With no one to hold me, And no one to love me. Your words cut like knives,
Another night in sorrow, In pain. Fighting, yelling, and arguing, Seems like it never ends. The simplest things seems like they become more complex. Tension grows. Love dozes off, disappears,
My life was short My life was cruel. Winston was my brother But he hardly felt as one. I never was a child I never lived my life. I was robbed of a past I was robbed of a future.
  I never know who I am or what I want everything I see is colored, tinted by the biases that eat away my logic so I can’t see it, and before I know it I can’t see anything as it disappears
They think it's easy Easy to think so much Information consumes one Like bees on honeycomb   Where do all these thoughts Originate Pulled from thin air Circulating from mind to mind
Do you really expect to get the love of your life? When you don't respect yourself, You post half nude pics, and say “I give bomb head,” and yet You dare to expect respect
Expectations of Two My mother lived In a house of four Beaten to perfection And no flaws Rising from the slums Staying hungry to save money She moved to the U.S. To get a decent job
His lusting hands grip and weakly protest do I, I'm not ready, but here it comes the months endless in which I'l cry and you'll apologize, but it's not enough and I'l apologize, but you don't deserve it
Family. What is implied in that one word? It would seem the world stakes a lot in it. That it is the all-encompasing. The all-solving. The Holy Grail.
Hepassed hisgranite-carved handover my unobtrusive fleshand violet petals have bloomedwhere no eyes traveland no onecares tolook.
It’s like a new world Vision blurred People wave their fingers in my face “How many fingers am I holding up?” “Two wait now three you know I can see that right” But I can’t see not really
Life once so innocent and pure. Allured by temptations the flesh was too weak to dismiss. A kiss, so sweet.  So discreet.  Enveloped with all affections known to mankind.
i watch you the way a caged bird watches the sky and when i think of you i see those blue eyes (they are my sky) and they look into mine and, oh god, i'm pretty sure you can read me like a book because i've got my heart
As a little child I played in an open field of dreams Not having a care in the worldBut as time went by a fence started to build a barrier around me
  We were made to be different. We were made to stand out. But sometimes life is hard And we just want to shout. Sometimes we want to scream from a rooftop. Other times we want to lock our doors.
I leave this realmAnd walk into anotherSoon to find myselfIn the comfort of a motherWho's protective wombIs a shelter like no otherAnd although I knowI must soon leave this cover
Placed Prominently In permanentPerpetually Painful Positions; What is women?  
We be getting straight A'sBut we missing for daysBaby got me on lockCuz they bringing the Lays (Potato Chips!)
"I Am" I am an infinitesimal blemish in this everlasting eternity that is time and space I wonder with doubt, and I doubt with wonder
BeautyIs a curse on The world. It IsThe thing that everyone wants. No one looks at what is In
I have no hope for love. I can never be loved because of my appearance. At least that's what society taught me.   They say appearance doesn't matter. It does. At least that's what society taught me.
Some say I’m conceited, others I’m mistreated. Some are scared to lose me, others just abuse me. Some think I’m a queen, others say it’s just a dream. They tell me I won’t make it, but I just gotta shake it.
I wonder what made me this way, to who I am today Because when I'm looking at old pictures of me, I seemed so happy, I see how my brown eyes were full of this sparkle and I wonder to death
A Pharaoh sits upon His sunny throne, Surfeited, Craven, Oblivious.   The Clouds move in, The Sun, Veiled, hides beneath a layer Of darkness. Another day wasted.  
My beloved father stands with his back turned He has anger in his eyes, frustration on his lips, while suspicion coils around his hardening heart. He always looks over his shoulder,
Someday I'll be who I want to be.Someday I'll be safe.Someday I'll be away from self harm.Someday I'll be truly happy.Someday I won't be so hard on myself.
  A world full of hatred fire, bombs, and destruction, no longer exists in my mind’s construction.   What is a world? but a place to find home. It’s where one can find shelter
  The cool breeze skims my skin, Giving me the chills. My toes crinkle in the sand, As I quickly look to the hills.   Remembering him was easy, But missing him was hard.
Time will not fix it I promise you that No amount of time Will bring it all back   Time cannot help you It's not something you can take It's not chemically designed
It’s something SO ingenious (And nearly incomplete) It comes from a great intellect Be ready to read   To absorb my profound message I suggest you close your eyes
Like those girls in the movies Where's my prince? That'll search how and low For the matching fit Like those girls in the movies Where's my point guard? That'll play me one on one
His scent sends my blood ablaze He takes my mind to a whole different place Heart rate increasing , conscious depleting, sensation building don't want it to end  Hes brought me the warmth again that had once left my soul
Early in the morning When I first see the sun When the birds wake me up When I wish you were by my side I think of you Late in the afternoon When I go to lunch with friends
  I want to know you Not in the, “yeah we’re friends she’s great” way All of you   I want to know your favorite book and why I want to know what makes you smile
When you look in a mirror, what do you see? A smile, an eyelash, a splash of pink gloss? Noticing her reflection, what does she see? A short skirt, low-cut shirt, is she totally lost?
Silence. White. Blank.  Conception of the bodies from within Their ever so lovely veins coursed in ebony  And the fibers of sustainment A swelling frenzy  A welcomed rage
I call to the stars And question my existence Who am I really?
  Ms. Blanchard told us, A poem you should write in this format tonight. Don’t worry class, You’ll get it done fast. I am seventeen and I came from here. Yes, Georgia is where I am from.
Poetry is the breath and depth of expressions told, the movement of how your heart and body flows, the projection of your voice, the love and lifting of your soul.
Mommy Dearest you will always beMy mother so loving and so loved by meFor God has taken you to be by his sideNow in Heaven is where you will reside
Today I’m done with EarthI want to say “Goodbye”All these things I’ve witnessedMake me say “I’m done” and cryI’m running on a treadmillGoing nowhere in reverseThree balls two strikes I’m out
I speak for women I speak for girls who were asking for it I speak for the mace in my purse; Don't be such a girl My gender- an insult? I speak for the Equal Pay Act not passing
  Around here, we love ourselves first. We cover our faces. We talk about tomorrow like it belongs to us. Around here, we ask what we should like.
Hidden deep underneath Sheets of paper from the past Intermingled with artifacts A time not so ancient But twice forgotten Is eternally retold.   Closing my eyes, I think
  Little reminders, I find them everywhere. Little reminders of how you used to care. Looking back we had it all, no wonder no one predicted our fall. More days pass and you’re still not around,
father’s spirit vanished when i was but a child but long before my knees ached and ran Red with swollen gashes before i washed for hours and before clean was never clean enough but i grew tired and weak
Bitches will be bitches. But what is a friend? A Friend is someone you trust, would do anything for A Friend is someone who you care about
I sit here wondering where I'll be. In this darkness I sit and wonder. Where is my hero? I have to be my own hero. My own hero. I have to save myself. I am the one who holds the key to happiness.
Teach a girlNo doubt, she is diamond-beautifulInside and out,Because God created herWith a purpose.Break the curse,To crush deadThe tiny mocking voicesIn her head
I hear rain drops Drip, drip, drip I see people walking in and out of my life Goodbye one says, hello says another I miss you my loving father As I lay at rest for the night; everything will be fine
As children, they ask us "What will you be when you grow up?" We say astronaut, president, musician, actor, celebrity. They smile and tell us that we can do whatever we desire
I knew where I was headed, Lost in thought, nose in a book: Dragons, fairies, elves and sugar plum days. Every thought, every move.
america land of the free home of the brave home of the lies and land of the sick every day a celebrity is being interviewed about their "hard life" while a soldier is away from loved ones
  Sometimes I am strong But sometimes I am weak To be honest A life of true happiness Is all I seek   Yes You can shower me In a waterfall of silver
High school, a melting pot for social cliques. The lunchroom is in a simple layout. Jocks on the left, nerds in the middle, and everyone else dispersed in the nearest seat.
Music is like the wind, Flowing through a tree. Peaceful yet mighty is thee. Music is like a heart, And does it's part,  In the society of you and me. Music can't be explained. 
High School is about One dream that we all persue Only some acquire.
I show love to people,  while poetry just gives love to them. I am made up of bones, muscles, and skin.
Am I like a star, That shines so bright at night; Or am I like a plane, That just takes off in sight.   I am like myself, In control of my own life; And I will always be like me, myself,
It all begins on a yellow limousine, Driving down cracked and crooked roads where strays creep, The first morning you'll look your best, Put on the biggest attitude to match the 'L' on your chest, 
This goes out to the “that one guy” Who may seem a little shy But no one stops and asks “Why?” He could go out and get high Lookin all sweet and fly But he doesn’t and manages to get by
The smell of spruce The glistening fir The cloudy cool I know for sure The gentle rain It fills the air It cleans the earth It damps my hair The mountains sigh With refreshing need
With each breath I carelessly take I stay more alive as I lie in my wake Thinking, pondering, Sitting, wondering, Drifting away onto the next day
    There’s no possible way to avoid it It dwells within us like loss No way to escape a fucked up world
As I walk on the mountain ridge, the whole earth visible below, I come to a rock. A giant's foot stool. A sheer cliff dropping fatally into the abyss.   I pass the cliff in awe.
We arose in a world, Where there is no “I,” It was a symbol of Selfishness, Greed, Power, We are a population, Not a community, As We gaze up into the sky,
Shattered screaming from a dark room. Shattered screams in an empty home.  The thought and ambience of being alone. As feet trample up stairs and voices multiply.
This is a place for friends to chat. Seeing what people are doing is as easy as that. You can view photos with just one click. Liking a status is also very quick. Online games are lots of fun.
She waits on the street corner, Looking like a foreigner. Tears rush down her dolled up face As she awaits in her place. Boys from everywhere like dust Beginning to feed their lust.
What will it take for you to believe in me in We, in Us, in Trust, for it is a must for the creation of Us to survive and thrive to not fall but to dive into a sea
When I look at you, I wonder how you knew Knew that my soul would need saving That my heart was eternally breaking You found me dying on the floor Because back then I was nothing more than a dirty little whore
There I laid as the darkness of the night crept in through the windows and proceeded to engulf my body into it's rich depth.It was swallowing the details of my bedroom.
A small girl sits waiting for someone, something, anything That can save her from the ever present Darkness closing in and Suffocating the life out of her already shattered and crumbling soul.
  Pain, Torment, Hurt, Sorrow, Emptiness Feelings I experience everyday There is no way to describe Let them wash away and happiness stay  
One, two, three, four Red, yellow, blue, and more Five, six, seven, eight Raise your hand and sit up straight These things we learn in elementary They stay with us more than a century  
See when I was younger my momma said when you turn 18, You either go to college or get a job or you won't be staying, In my house. So every since the 9th grade I've been grinding,
A flowing of my finger tips across a blank page my words, my thoughts, inspiration hiding behind a story know one knows the meaning for I am the one who has created it seeking my own memories
Fragment No. 1 …I keep my mouth closed  I don’t try to speak But I can feel my bones Rebelling My blood is screaming, “REVOLUTION! REVOLUTION!! LIBERTA! LIBERTA!!” My bones are howling,
    Drowning, the faded blue on the worn wood Scattered throughout the ocean so dark. A once bright ship that thought it could
A broken watch lies in my hands It seems to have died the day I found my fate Like the burden of knowledge I must act In fact, run and race time before he beats me to my own game   A head start would suffice
You See it and can't believe it You See it and how strong it is You See it and how beautiful it is You See it and want to talk to it You See it and want to hug it You See it and want to kiss it
I sing a twisted song A song of lies and lives once lived - I sing it when I sleep And when I wake, it cradles me - I am a slave to the song.   I sing a twisted song
Sometimes I wish I was a little kid again Playing in the dirt Running around for no reason With not a real care in the world. Everything seemed so easy I was naïve then
Life isn't about finding yourself Life is about creating yourself It gets hard Living in a world that's wrapped up in a system that we didn't create
Dreams of days that have not been, Maybe someday, known not when. If the future, dreams foretell, To the present, fare thee well.   For days in progress, fondness lacks, Closing doors behind our backs.
The teacher stands in front of the class "Today we'll start writing poetry" Immediately the kids begin to sass simply for the new foreign artistry.   It wasn't like the red roses and blue violets
Maybe if I slit my wrist, it'll help me to escape. Get away from this hell I'm living in, or at least block the pain. Cause when I cut, it clouds the memories, I don't think of the crap in my life.
  Polar Opposites By Amanda G   Blood connects me to you, and you to me. You are my dear brother, my lifelong friend. Two halves from a whole, the same age are we,
Lips I can kiss A heart that is mine A friendship evolved A love so divine Hands I can hold A rush I can feel A connection so bold A bond so unreal Someone I can talk to
We are the victims, and mind control is everything Our visions must take us beyond who we are to who we must be, But of course they’re making it impossible to see… See they open our minds and capture our memories,
It passes without warning and we know it never stops.We people keep on living without a single thought. We can't see it pass.It's not like looking through glass.
Category Five By: Deniqua Washington Like a glimmer of light flashing off the tips of my skin. The sun peering at me, through clouds,  Unfortunately I don’t know where it ends.
The sea shimmers like sunlight on chrome Loud crashing waves and soft silky sand are my living room The beach is the place I call home   My home is unlike the old empire of Rome
I write in the night, not a soul but my pen and paper witness my craft take flight.   Fear is the reason I hide. Fear of failures cruel laughter. Fear of dissapointments cold embrace.
  Negritude… A conceptual ideology in the tenets of humanity A construed solidarity in a common black identity Abstruse in such arcane a concept?
I. First-light   Eyes fly open and I light up a cigarette. Check to see…yep, still there.  I slowly unfurl My cramped wings, the slow rustle of feathers
The heart broken handshake is slowly crumbling around me The acid of my heart dissolving the stitched remains You blink at this darkening heart of mine You turn away from the impending strom
To learn: a sweet honor, improvement the goal. A true test of diligence, body, and soul. This battle so daunting, while still in thy youth, to search for the beauties and virtues of truth.  
I believed that we wereSo in loveBecause you made me feel so sure BUT You started slipping awayand Icouldn’t do anythingBut cry. THENYOULEFT
It hurt, When you let me go. It hurt,Because I didn’t know It would be so soon I should’ve listened toWhat everyone said. You only wanted one thing.
  Like a tidal wave,The memories hit me. I’m drowning in,What used to be. I gasp for air,But it’s not there. I reach for you,But you’re gone too.  
In my puzzle, The pieces mold together, and can’t be rearranged.Each piece stands for a part of me,And every completed section,Is a window,Looking into my past.
Who knew,That love was a thief? Not I,Until it robbed me of my heart. Who would’ve thought,That when in love you’d grieve? Not I,Until I watched you leave.
  Can you look me in the eyes,Without blinking? Can you talk to me,Without speaking? Can you cut the tension,That seems too thick to slice through? So many questions,What will you do?
Sometimes I miss being a little kidWhen the problem was which crayon to chooseOr finding a marker without a lid.The biggest mistake’s result was a bruise,And boys just carried a bunch of cooties.
Here I am broken,  Dwelling on the past  Dwelling on us  And what I thought was I fell deep in love with you Showed you my world Gave you my all But nothing was enough
Leaving this place Still not knowing the value of X An unspoken race Formed by society No piety Creativity
He approached, staring with eyes very bright,just kindly looking at me in that way,making my heart skip a beat with delight,listening closely to all that I say,caring more than I could have ever thought,
A what a strange world we live in. How one joke is a muse, but flipped is abuse. How the light at the end is glory from war, but is also the big gold gates to The Lord.
No matter what, she was always sad. Lost and confused, in her world that was never so glad. With no sense of confidence, no hope in her heart, her darkest hour was beginning to spark. People pushed and shoved,
That first morning waking up with a feeling of dread in my belly Or was that just the nausea or a little bit of both Kneeling over the toilet with tears in my eyes Thinking of the game I played; this is my prize
Passion is the tides rolling in to see you, you can always count on it being there. Passion wakes up with you every morning striving for what it wants, what it needs, softball.
One step forward The soft sand cushions my foot with its tenderness and warmth Seeping between the secret crevices of my toes The sun drenched grains heat my feet Almost burning But not enough to hurt
Have I lived so long, as I have lived today? For it seems to me, That as the hour swings near, Journey's End, comes to a close. It was on this day that I reflected, Once on my youth,
  I’ve died at least one thousand deaths. A girl warrior with the foundation of a fighter, I leap slash onto every mountain, I sneak crash onto every mole hill, I sing ring out a battle cry and off I go
Who's your mama? Does she have glowing brown skin and dark brown eyes? Is her waist a little thin and her hips a bit wide? Do you get warmth from her hugs and see love seep through her eyes?
I think I am readyTo give it up to you.I promise you I'll always Love you. I'm not for sure if it willbe painful.I've been told it feels amazingTo give it up, when your ready.
Can anyone become successful? Black or white? Boy or girl? Indeed, it has become quite stressful trying to make a difference in this world.   We try not to discriminate, but some come from generations
what happened to our worldwhat happened to ours boys and ours girlswhat made them look down at the people in their phonesinstead of the ones the ones in their homes
  The summer morning waking up the sun through the blinds so bright it could blind it was all calm till the Call.   You hear her yell and then the door shut 
I always became a certain way when I heard a distancing train. It took away the love in my body and left me with disdain. The hollow sound filled my heart while lonely thoughts scoured my brain.  
Giving a scholarship to a young man or girl it may not be a large sum, but it could change their world All you have to do is make a poem..for others to read It would be smart for all to apply,Yes Indeed. 
One day the sun threw beams on my face,Power ran through me-Body and Soul were one,My breath at a race with the shore I saw in front of me,Beach sand beneath my feet,I forgot about everything except how to run.
Forward is the way that I look. To rainy days and windy nights that are perfect because of you.   I boast of God’s love
The girl sits in the corner,coddling the paper between her slender, frail hands,holding her baby as her mother showed her with her screaming brother.The paper does not scream.Instead it tries to comfort,
(poems go here)Seasons don't change when there's ice in your veins. I am a victim A sweet target with barely bitten skin torn by life's fangs. I am forgotten
In a pile of ashesWas a place I called home;It burned down yesterday. And as the wind blows,And the rain pours,The memories are swept away.
What is there to do? When the big kids beat up the little ones. When the little ones were afraid to speak up to defend themselves or their peers. No one would say a word
A dancer is on stage, En l’ air, But then she falls.   Injured, She is unable to stay where she has been, She is taken from the life she knows.   Her vision blurs,
Once upon a blue sky, her parents loved her.They would call her beautiful and talented and smart.Her laugh was infectious, bringing joy to everyone she knew.People would say she was unstoppable,And she was.
Blankly she stares out, Wide-eyed at the broken world. Trying not to scream and shout, Yearning to be a normal girl.  
Good morning death  So nice to see  you.  May I offer you some coffee, some tea, anything to impede you? To constrain and detain the obligation that brings you? Business. Yes, I know the routine.  
  He wasn’t the first, and wouldn’t be the last. Once again I put my heart on the line. I didn’t think about what you would go through, I wanted him, I needed him.   Within two weeks I was alone again,
Theres a monster inside of me eating me alive. Words stabbing at my heart, thoughts penetrating my skin, and reactions making blood pour. If only someone knew or even wouldnt tell,
I wear a light blue dress with white Mary Janes and my hair is straightened It’s my mother’s big day we all look nice, she’s graduating   Graduating… Damn… That was Iowa.
I remember his eyes, Blue as the sky. The way he held them tight,  when they would fight. How he protected me, as he pulled me from the door, when the gun shots went off.
The voices inside my head keep calling my name Making me look around thinking I'm going insane I try to ignore them but they find their way back in If this is war I don't think I'll win.  
My mother lived at the bottom of a vodka bottle. Her lungs crystallized from years of breathing tobacco instead of air. She wasn't always sad, I'm sure. But I never saw her smile
Trayvon, I'd like to know your favorite color. Maybe you have more than one, but it's okay. We all taste the rainbow one day So tell me its the dark crimson slowly seeping slowly from your soul.
When I heard that you were sexually assaulted, I mourned for your childhood. And perhaps that was not the best response. Because you have not died. You are still very much alive. I guess I’m just sorry
The air blew across the atlantic as the dark water drifted to the edge of our toes.   Our foot prints had already disappeared from the rising tide.   Mistakes from the past were forgotten
I pledge allegiance to the flag,Of the United Sates of AmericaAnd to the republic for which it standsOne nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.Liberty and justice for all...
She say "look back at it" i say look forward. Looking back means looking at whats used. Looking back at it means remembering the anger and pain. Looking back at it means feeling this way every time i think about it.
I hate this feeling that I have right now, but I know it all too well. My legs feel almost numb and my chest feels heavy, but I don’t know which is harder: inhaling or exhaling. My body is reluctant
Wat If I couldn't do it and couldn't changed my mind, Wat If I did feel rushed and out of time,   Wat If it was my fault that things had changed,   Wat If there was no way it could be the same,  
  Now that I see how you feel deep down The words I LOVE YOU slowly drown A gargled sound that means nothing forever I know that we can't ever be together Cause you and I are in two totally different worlds
  Why am I crying... Why would I shed a tear with no reason behind it... Is my life leading me towards unhappiness, Or am I just shedding a tear for each person that suffers each day.
I was wrong I've been singing the wrong song cause I realized that true love isn't planned.
Stumbling through the darkness, Lying through the false teeth, Laughing and smiling happiness, Feeling desolation beneath,
I was delivered from sin but one thing is holding me back. My mouth meaning "those words" that come out. If i be lifted up. My..your life is not my..your own, i am his and he is mine. Its all up to you.
I am from sunscreen, From shorts and running shoes. I am from those sunny days. (Windy, hot, sweaty days, my throat like a raisin.)
We always en up staring at the stars. Wondering if we're able to pull through. It's always that on emoment where time is endless, seeing all things we've done to get where we are today. And it's hard and scary.
Silence. My heart beats Slowly rocking me back and forth. A whisper pierces the air Can you hear it? Of course not, I am alone.   How I wish for one, Just one to break the stillness.
We live in a society  That can't comprehend beauty, But calls symmetry pretty And isn't that a pity. We're told to behave, How to act like a slave. But the don't give us what we crave
It is what it is love, a predestined malicious love. Love without mercy a ruthless and vicious love. A war like love, a love where losses are casual. The loss of insecurities and distrust is actual and more than factual.
Most of us say we need it, but do we truly believe it? We are in constant competition to win the prize: job positions, checks written; Don't look surprised.
Thoughts and feelings reflected Never contested From the moments on the phone To the heartfelt poems Reaching and penetrating each others’ safe zone See she’s lost in time and space
Open eyes, open heart Never let the world tear me apart Hold my soul and my spirit, Because the end will come I can feel it Take my time down the road Cause it'll quickly go cold
He looked upon it with new eyes A beautiful place before him lied So much to do and a lifetime to spare Alone a boy without any cares
People ask me what I believe all the time.I believe that beliefs have reason and rhyme.The reasons for mine are the signs of the times;the negativity and number of people that are blind.
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