Save our Nation

Can anyone become successful?

Black or white? Boy or girl?

Indeed, it has become quite stressful

trying to make a difference in this world.


We try not to discriminate,

but some come from generations

of elders who were taught to hate

different people from different nations.


"Equal rights for everyone"

seems much easier said than done.

How many lives have been taken

by a racist with a gun?


More and more tears fall every day

due to loved ones lost.

Is this the price we have to pay

to live in America?


Those who pray for world peace

take few steps to achieve it.

Anything is possible, but

you must do more than believe it.


Today I ask my fellow man

to put aside our wishful thinking.

Hand in hand, let's take a stand,

and save our nation - a ship that is sinking.


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