A Secret to Die For


Shattered screaming from a dark room.

Shattered screams in an empty home. 

The thought and ambience of being alone.

As feet trample up stairs and voices multiply.

The forethought of a rescue begins to soothe and satisfy ones cry.

Loud tears roll down ones face.

As a fist puts her in her place; shes told to shut up by a man.

He covers her mouth with his hand.

So young that she has no say.

Yelling "No, please!" while shes trying to escape.

Forceful hands made her stay, as the next room her mother layed.

These screams wouldn't be able to save her innocence today.

 This was typical for months to come now.

A secret she was told to overcome somehow.

How could she tell her mother her grandchild and daughter shared the same father?

Soon she must unfold the secret that was never mentioned or told.

Her shirt size is slowly increasing,

but mama never seem to know. Four months later...the secret had gotten old.

 They say being in love affects you that way, but I guess I'll just get an abortion.

Only because having a baby is a price that I just can't afford to pay.

I have plans for college and I can't allow this to get in my way.

I'm not rich so I just can't do it, in fact I'm poor.

That's why this is my secret to die for.






















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