Broken for you

Sun, 07/28/2013 - 23:36 -- anaysp


Here I am broken, 

Dwelling on the past 

Dwelling on us 

And what I thought was

I fell deep in love with you

Showed you my world

Gave you my all

But nothing was enough

I thought I was enough, 

You claimed to love me but you 

weren't in love with me

All I heard was constant lies

Of how you promised to stay

And even when you're lying

I still believed you, 


I still loved you

And every piece of my heart I gave to you

With every inch of blood

And here I am left with nothing,

I told you my fears 

And how I would never face them

Because I'll never had the courage to

And I'll never the courage to love someone else 

The way I did to you


And here you unbroken

As if not a damn soul loved you

Thinking of another and 

The one after

Sweeping the broken glass off the floor

Wondering how I could of missed

Lying down on your bed, cozy

With a bottle of water on the bedside

Just in case you don't choke on your guilt

Swallowing it,

Doesn't get rid of it 

Guilt doesn't fade

It always seens to crawl back

And as you try to forget me

My name will just come out from

Another girls mouth

Asking about me 

And why the sudden change

And you'll lie saying 

"Temporary indulgence, that's all"


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