The Wisdom of the Moon (Scholarship Slam)

The great blacklight in the sky

Makes the people wonder why

All the dismal things have gone

And the shadows have moved on.


The shining face of a kind man

Makes us feel that we too can

Achieve our greatest hopes and dreams

No matter how far away they seem.


The shining light, a firm reminder

Through the night, that though we miss her

Morning comes anew each day

Dawn will come, she'll not be swayed.


Oh, Sir Moon, as you reflect

On many things of intellect,

Consider just this one thing more

I beg you it not be ignored.


What is our impact, oh my friend?

We live these lives, but to what end?

"Friend," he said, "though it may seem

Your life is nothing but routine,


"I've watched many men come and go,

the greatest ones were not all known.

It may seem your lives are short,

consider then, my kind retort.


"The victories men know you've won

Are not the greatest things you've done.

You may not know it, but trust me,

Men do great deeds unknowingly."


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