Tell Me How & I'll Do It.... </3



Now that I see how you feel deep down

The words I LOVE YOU slowly drown

A gargled sound that means nothing forever

I know that we can't ever be together

Cause you and I are in two totally different worlds

One world is full of peace, love, and muziq

While the other world is full of nothingness tell me how could we do it

If your world is full of nothingness, theres no me

If theres no me, how cud we ever be

So even if I did love you why wud you care

In your heart those three words were never there

Yes it does hurt and its you I should hate

But no I choose to love 

"I hate you..."

Those words I'd never state

Because deep down in my heart nothingness is wat it'll create

So tell me how to do it

How to make it work 

And I'll do all I can cause I know how much love is worth....



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