imperfectly amazing


expections highly regarded

impossible if you saw it 

exceptional straight a scholar

not good enough if someone tops her

people see international star dancer

she shrugs it off without answer

natural artistic ability

but she sees zero opportunity

some say angels don't compare to her voice

but she doesn't share it by choice

she walks like a model

but she hides her appearance in a bottle

her friends and family love and adore

but she isn't so sure 

some say she is amazing

she says she is nothing

she feels her imperfections

and hold her emotions

her friends are first

she throws her opinions in a hurst

she listens and deals

but these scars she drew are slow to heal

she doesn't understand praise

only feels her disgrace

she cries 

and to people she lies

she smiles and laughs

but she feels a stab

in her heart

when her tears start

so she cuts

when she feels like a klutz

and the thoughts of death

shows up like stealth

she lives

only to show she gives

a care to not her staggering perfection

but what some might say her amazing imperfections



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