Passion is the tides rolling in to see you, you can always count on it being there. Passion wakes up with you every morning striving for what it wants, what it needs, softball. Passion is with you behind the plate kind of like a referee but right beside you, always there for you. Passion is with you as you step inside the batters box, telling you when to swing. Passion is with you when you get hurt, pushing you to continue.

Passion lies awake with you as you replay your mistakes in your head, encouraging you to learn from them.

Passion wears your dirty softball pants and your blue jersey. Passion wears those new baseball cleats you begged to get. Passion wears that old, worn out glove wondering how long your injured thumb will hold up.

People say you have to have passion to be good, but passion has to have you to be good. Passion lives in everyone it just has to know it's safe to come out.

Passion is competitive. It makes you competitive. How competitive you are determines how much you let passion out of that little cage within you. Passion is it's own person not caring who likes it or not.. Passion is me.

So ask yourself, how much passion do I have? 


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