The Other World

Silence. White.


Conception of the bodies from within

Their ever so lovely veins coursed in ebony 

And the fibers of sustainment

A swelling frenzy 

A welcomed rage

The limbo of time sputters with the beat that drives life into the unforeseen.

It ends as it begins

To the imperfection within this seamless world

And so it does

Silence. White. 


It begins as it ends

The vitality brandishes existence but does not keep out mistake 

The bodies begin to die as each one is slashed with its own black nourishment

Each mark leaves them under a pile of rubble of the forgotten 

The heroes are the survivors 

The contagion is the creator 

The pulsing drifts onwards to a new day in a serendipitous way

 What murdered the bodies with its messy weapon brought it back with a gentle coaxing breath 


                                        I put down the pen.

                                                                     I take out my ear-buds.






This was a poem I wrote in English class. I wrote to express writing. I entered it into a local poetry contest. Please enjoy. -Kendall 

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