Slight Differences

Thu, 10/03/2013 - 23:46 -- ryanbee


Trapped in this world lost without a map,

Like a bee caught in tree sap.

I don’t know where to turn it’s all a blur.

I feel that I won’t be able turn anywhere; just as the bee, now confined in amber.


My very fabric consumes itself every day concealing reality.

Hiding is the scariest thing for me because it increases my vulnerability.

But I hide everyday much like a snake in the shadows,

Afraid to approach this problem fear engulfs as if I were a criminal facing the gallows.


I’m trapped inside my own cranium, too afraid to reveal the true facts.

I can’t reveal who I really am, because I know the pressure would cause me to crack.

Today’s society is not an accepting one that allows new concepts.

But one that tells you what to do, think, and expect.


Being different in America is not an idea that is sought after.

But society sees it as maintaining order.

My mind is torn between my choices to stay what is perceived as “normal,”

Or take the risk to be discriminated against and not recognized as formal.


Being gay is no joke.

Your mind feels as if it is engulfed in smoke.

Acceptance is a large part in the world today.

So don’t judge somebody for a personal preference, as if it were not hard enough being gay.


Don’t force somebody to live with your judgment on their conscious.

The burden of your discrimination should not be a voice for their conscience.

Don’t let yourself be fooled that your verdict is weightless.

Because the weight of your final decree, can add to their mass of anxiety and stress.


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