It's worth the climb


The cool breeze skims my skin,

Giving me the chills.

My toes crinkle in the sand,

As I quickly look to the hills.


Remembering him was easy,

But missing him was hard.

The laughs, cries, and sighs

That my heart will forever safeguard.


He changed my life for the better;

Gave me something to live for.

I will always think of him,

Every time I go to the shore.


The strongest man I knew,

My Poppop, he never said never.

World War II, 4 kids, many injuries,

That didn’t stop him, however.


He made family a priority,

Even when work said no.

He knew what he wanted,

And it was not the status quo.


It was back in the day,

When he took me here for the first time.

Sat me down, held my hand, and said,

“Its always worth the climb.”


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