Once upon a time

Feeling all alone

I was plucked from my roots

Carried to a new place forced to call home

I am Lost


Travelling place to place

In search of a new mother

Maybe a dad

Lucky enough to find one another

I am Scared


Someone chose me

Why is this decided?

I should be rejoicing

Yet I miss my family although I was misguided

I am Confused


From being beaten and mistreated at home; to cared for and loved here

Where am I to be?

Emotions are one confusion

Does anyone even want me?

I am Curious


I have a baby sister now

My parents treat me right

Can you believe this?

I never believed I'd see any light

I am at Ease


Finally satisfied

Heart filled with love

This life of mine is wonderful

I owe to Him above

I Was an Orphan








Thsi was really good. Keep up writing.


beautiful <3

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