Mind Control


We are the victims, and mind control is everything

Our visions must take us beyond who we are to who we must be,

But of course they’re making it impossible to see…

See they open our minds and capture our memories,

Making it difficult to remember us –ourselves,

Our shelves are overstocked with inventory that we cannot afford to keep

I’m trying to remove you, while you’re trying to remove me

We’re incompatible –our puzzle pieces just can’t seem to fit,

Yet you’re still trying to nudge your way into it

Leave me alone… never.


I spent my days lying under the sun while it sat in its conceited place in the sky

Only to get jealous when the moon would arise,

Leaving me cold and hungry

You hunger for my flesh, and I for your death

Like you are my master and I am your slave

Bound in these chains that lock me away

I am boxed in,

But boxing in chains is like a lion trying to rule without his mane

I am weak.         


Try hurting from within –crying and screaming from inside,

But you just smile, grin and bat your eyes

Because I am merely a thought that has failed to eat away at your mind

But I’m beginning to starve,

So your mind I will find and start eating away at it, with my fist –black power.


Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Fanny Lou Hammer, Malcolm X

All civil activist, actively fighting to get rid of this list

That whites undermine as negros…

And I know you’ve all heard the joke,

Why does a black man grow so tall? Because his knee-grows,

But the height of a black man can only go so far

When you keep using it as a go to college for free card.

Yeah, we may legally be free, but the white man still comes out the victor

Because it’s instilled in our minds

That it’s alright to call each other niggas.


What have we done, spent years fighting for our rights

And now we discriminate against each other-

So excuse me if I have failed to reach out to you light skinned brothas

All I’m saying is…

When are we going to step up?

Because I’m tired of being the victim

To mind control.


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