The Martyr


A small girl sits waiting for someone, something, anything

That can save her from the ever present Darkness closing in and

Suffocating the life out of her already shattered and crumbling soul.

She needs a miracle and cries with her heart bleeding out

For mercy from the cruelties of her shadowed world.

The angels weep with her with tears of remorse for the girl who was chosen

To teach the world of its harsh severities towards mankind.


This girl’s beliefs were tarnished by those who claimed to be

But were not what they promised the world they were.

This girl was tormented by those who saw the posers and hated her

For mistakes she had not even had the opportunity in her short life

To accomplish or even attempt to make.

She was denigrated for being something others saw as judgmental and hypocritical

And followers of One who was supposedly all loving yet allowed

Evils to inhabit a world blinded towards the beauty he also allowed.

Yet she loved even those who despised her and she forgave

Them for all the wrongs they had done to her.


The girl is bigger now and her heart has bled all it could bleed for the world

She had grown to fear and hide from.

Alone she waits for the end of the pain that threatens to overwhelm

And drown her in misery and angst.

No more tears are shed from the girl who has been hardened

And she walks through life forever alone with the hardships of life

Dwelling in the confines of her eyes.

She does not know the angels walk beside her

Holding her tightly in their loving embrace.

She does not know that by walking alone

She is becoming a symbol for her faith.

All she knows is the Darkness that has surrounded her.


This girl is older now and finished with the world

Which has always hated her and shrouded her in its loathsome ways.

The people who had pummeled her into the earth had won

And as she closed her eyes against the world and imaged a

Happier place full of warmth and love,

A place promised to her by the One she followed,

She left the blackened world and opened her eyes

To the embrace of the angels who had always held her near

She found happiness and light for the first time and she never

Saw Darkness again.


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