Sometimes I wish I was a little kid again

Playing in the dirt

Running around for no reason

With not a real care in the world.

Everything seemed so easy

I was naïve then

But also full of joy, hope, wonder, and dreams.

No school work.

No boy drama.

No broken hearts.

No broken dreams.

All I had to worry about was

Not getting ketchup on my white tee,

Or scrapping my knee

In game of concrete football by Cobbs Creek.

See those were the good old days.

The better days.

The best days.

My best days.

Back when girls and guys could just be long term friends

When Rugrats and Gullah Gullah

Woke me up in the morning.

Back when I dreamed of being a Powerpuff girl.

The world was my dollhouse,

My beach house,

My tree house,

My playground

And I was more than eager to explore it.

Back then..

Nobody was spoiling my dreams,

Nobody was hindering my imagination

Nobody was  doubting me

Or trying to hurt my pride.

Nobody was telling me that

I wasn’t good enough.

Yet should they have been?

Should they have turned all my dreams into nightmares

From the very beginning

Before reality and society did it for them?

Do you guys remember when best friends

Were actually best friends?

Sleepovers that never contained no sleep

Countless giggles

Secrets shared

Actual trust and love

See now I understand why Spongebob never wanted to grow up

And why Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil always had so much fun.

When you are younger

You are sort of protected.

All the evils of the world

Do not seem to get to you.

You see the good and wonder in everything and everyone.

And is that so bad?

What if what makes kids so naïve makes them wiser than all of us?

They are full of wonder and excitement.

Ready to take on the world

While most of us rather sleep because

It is torture to wake up and deal with life.

So yeah sometimes I wish I was a little kid again

With my ballys and barrettes,

Spiling juice on my clothes,

Fight with boys,

And breaking my toys.

I may not have known

About all the craziness in the world,

But the world was still my playground back then.

I had adventures calling me

So many journeys I had waiting to begin.

Many strangers that I had to meet that so I would call “friends”

And I had superpowers, of course.

I mean what Powerpuff girl did you know that didn’t have superpowers?


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