To Say My Thanks

Tue, 10/01/2013 - 22:04 -- sonire


Although the clocks hand’s may twist and wind in an infinite tumble round

It only takes but a moment in time for one to utter a sound.


A breath though silent means all the more as its heavy waves roll up the shore

A source of splendor, frustration, and bountiful joy

A praise for song and the human voice.


Yet what is a voice without a soul which ties it to this life?

A body, a spirit, a loving abode,

just one would not suffice.


Family, eternal, serves as a guide

A backbone and drive from now till the end,

In those you may confide.


Drawn upon a vivid scene of hues of blues and greens

Intertwined with shades of red and yellows in-between

Are countless wonders and tales galore

just waiting to be told

Inspired by sweet nature’s muse and lined in salient gold.


Such splendid bliss derived from these,

all of which I do adore.

Simply a few of the many things I find I’m grateful for.



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