Oblivious Goddess


It is said that black is beautiful.

Black is rich.

Within every molecule of melanin: there are stories, there are tears, there is a fight.

See my black is not light; It was not kissed by the sun but embraced and indulged in the night.

See some prefer the sun kissed tone.

The tone which gives way to the passage of acceptance since far back into the days of when the acceptances were the shades within the master’s house, but I am a different ebony.

My ebony speaks volumes, My ebony sheds tears, My ebony is a dark one of a kind.

Though even my fellow people may discriminate and say my black is not as beautiful as other’s fair complexion.

My black is beautiful, My black is rich, My black speaks volumes, My black sheds tears, My black is a memorial of those alike.

See my black is rooted with love and royalty though it may take time to realize.

Even though I model the gifts of my ancestors’ complexion, my realization of the value of my onyx gem too took time.

See I am one with the young goddess who lost sight of her potential.

I am one with the goddess who has shed tears that illuminated the skin that made her cry.

My skin was too dark to be the light in another’s eyes.

Even at the age of seven the chastising and discrimination began, and bleaching creams soon became best friends.

So I cry with you my little black goddess because I once knew of your pain too.

I cry with you my little black goddess because being laughed at and never looked at could make anyone forget the truth.

I cry with you my little black goddess because you are unaware of the truths and beauty within the richness of your pores.

You see my little black goddess you may have not been told of the wonders and epics your skin has told.

You see my little black goddess: Our black is beautiful, Our black is rich, Our black speaks volumes, Our black treaded fields, Our black overcame tribulation, Our black has conquered, Our black is triumph, Our black was born in the night.

Can you not see you how your eyes shine brighter than the moon in the night?

My little black goddess never forget your onyx skin is a gem. 


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