Ode to Stress



Drowning, the faded blue on the worn wood

Scattered throughout the ocean so dark.

A once bright ship that thought it could

Only expand upon its new bark.

Set sail from a shining gold land

Traveling through waters so steady

‘Till the waves made her miss the sand

And question, “Was I ready?”

Rising higher than she could believe

Began spinning out of control.

Felt the bolts and now worn wood cleave

Screams engulfing her whole.

Swallowed, parts of her left unseen

Gave in to the pressure of the dark waves.

Still, other parts that were once so keen

Floated helplessly as the water’s slaves.


Yet, the faded blue may turn up once more

Apart, then together, to face the force.

Move through the waves to a new gold shore

As this was the ship’s destined course.



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