Expectations of Two


Expectations of Two

My mother lived

In a house of four

Beaten to perfection

And no flaws

Rising from the slums

Staying hungry to save money

She moved to the U.S.

To get a decent job


My father reaps what he sows

To possess what he owns

Wise and independent

Since the age of fifteen

Strong and jagged hands

With his persistent nature

He moved to the U.S

Pushing carburetors


Mom and Dad conceived me

In a house of only three

Appraised by many

For outside personality


Mother, I'm sorry

With six A's and one B

But I've thought you better

With a smack to the face

a red cheek and growing anger

I'm left dumbfounded

With a burning sting


Father, I'm sorry

Just football, no track

Boy, don't you talk back

Two is better, not one

With a swift belt on my back

And a pulsing headache

Only to be reminded

That I'm not average


I understand now

Father, Mother

20 years later

230 pounds, 6'4

Scholarships to UM, football star

It's all behind me

Now I'm behind a desk

Of my own company

With a face-splitting grin

To the Victor goes the Spoils


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