The Atlantic



The air blew across the atlantic as the dark water drifted to the edge of our toes.  

Our foot prints had already disappeared from the rising tide.  

Mistakes from the past were forgotten

just as quickly as those soft marks in the sand where we had walked.  

The sun was gone and the moon was rising slowly.  

The lighthouse in the distance set the mood of the night,

seeing her beautiful blue eyes in every rotation.  

Gently grasping my hand she pulled me along behind her as we ran 

down the shoreline with no particular destination.

I never wondered where she was taking me.

No questions were asked.  

Every so often she would look back at me.

A carefree smile that displayed pure happiness.  

This sort of smile was a rare sight for me, especially seeing it on her face.  

With this elegant girl there was no shyness nor bashfulness.  

Everything in this moment felt almost as if it were scripted

and played out to perfection.  

We were on our own world as everything revolved around us.

This was the way life was meant to be lived.  

We stop running and she faced the skyline,dark blues and grays in the distance.  I grab her hand to turn her around so i can see her beautiful face again.  I do not want this moment to ever end.  Even the seconds it took for here to turn her head were filled with anticipation. This was the moment i had dreamt of when i was younger.  The moment when your heart floats and there is nothing on your mind except here and now.  Suddenly she is further away.  She finally turns her head and that beautiful smile she once had is replacedby a worried look of concern accompanied by a tear.  The mist from the tide smashing onto the rocks on the coast start to blur my visionShe slowly starts to disappear.  Soon you start to realize that this moment is too good to be true  That in a real world nothing goes according to plan.  Everything has its own agenda and something will always interfere.  Mistakes are never forgotten but simply put aside for the moment.You never get the things you want.You are never satisfied with what you do have.   This is the moment you realize that there is no blue eyed girlwith a smile that could light the entire universe.  This is the moment you wake up.  The moment you realize you've never even been to the atlantic.


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