Just Let It Flow

The teacher stands in front of the class

"Today we'll start writing poetry"

Immediately the kids begin to sass

simply for the new foreign artistry.


It wasn't like the red roses and blue violets

It was more of a this is me and my brain's functionality.

The gift came in droplets

and helped me discover my personality.


I just let it flow

just the words popping in my head

I just let them go

hoping some how they'll make amends.


Painful at first,

to write every verse,

Eventually sounded lyrical

Caused my heart to twinkle.


What a better connection

between Music and Literature

than the poetry complexion

the sheet that holds adventure.


I just let if flow

the rhythms and beats

just fuel my soul

and make my heart complete.


Every word has a meaning

Punctuation depleting

Every line it's own length

because poetry speaks strength


It's nothing like an essay

with a firm structure, and style

It's only what I say

That makes it all worth while.


I just let it flow

whether I type or write

It just begins to show

that my mind has the power

to take flight.


Like water from below

I just let it flow.


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