Growing Up Sucks



Not all kisses are magic, not all guys live up to your expectations

Yet we all fall into some kind of a temptation.

There are moments where romance, friendship, love,

Everything just falls in place maybe even goes above

But maybe you still feel like your unfit

But trust me its worth it.

You've got to move on and leave it all behind

Don't let high school be where you are confined

In a locker hurting, or a hallway all alone

Stand out and make yourself known

So fuck what people say, that you can't

Say it loud, scream it like a chant

“ I can and I will, you just wait and see

Soon everyone will notice me.”

But what happens in you fail

Are you just going to bail?

What if you missed out on something great

That guy, he could've been your mate

What if you came this far, through that door

But didn't find what you were looking for,

Keep your head up, keep on going

Because you'll be left unknowing

Yeh I know, growing up sucks.




I was bullied once in my life, and was going to just give up and end it all. But then i realized that high school would eventually end and I could grow up and be my own person, so I kept on going.

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