Far Away


 Lets run far away 
Where no one can find us
Find a little place to stay 

Build a life on love and trust.

Lets start a new life
Where no one knows our names
Relish in our naïve youth 
 Learn every crack in our past.
Lets explore the corners of our mind
Where no one else has ever been 
All the dark gory bits we hide
And the bits we never knew existed.

Lets live loud and reckless
Where no one will understand 
How one can be so in love 
That they throw caution to the wind.
Lets show the world what true love is 
Where no one person is safe
From the terror that is love
From the horror that is hate.
Lets teach them how to love 
Where no one is alone
Because once you fall in love
That person becomes your own
Lets run far far away 
Where no one know our name
And show the world our passion
Show them the magic that is love.

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nice poem. i like it. *where no one knowS our name. but overall good poem



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