The World of Facebook

This is a place for friends to chat.

Seeing what people are doing is as easy as that.

You can view photos with just one click.

Liking a status is also very quick.

Online games are lots of fun.

But I have to warn you, it’s easy to upset someone.


Constant Complainer:

We all get it, her life isn’t great.

Everything she posts begins with “I Hate”.

She hates this, she hates that.

People think of her as an annoying brat.

The tiniest things will irritate her.

Everything needs to be perfect, that’s for sure.

If the weather is too hot or if the sun doesn’t shine,

She’ll go to her computer to whine.

All the complaining will not soon end.

This explains why she has only one real friend.


Facebook Addict:

Every hour, night and day,

He cannot think of a better way

To spend his time while he’s bored.

Staying online is all he can afford

Since he has no job and likes to sit at home.

He stays at his computer’s side, in his little dome.

If you want to chat, it will be fine.

He never leaves, just go online.

This addiction is a sickness with no cure.

For this, he will always be immature.


Open Book:

He thinks it is a diary to write his every thought

Of all the things he did, said, ate, and bought.

A status is posted almost every minute.

If you look on his wall, the number of statuses is infinite.

It is not necessary for him to write every little thing about his day.

People block him to make the posts go away.

He talks about things that nobody needs to know.

There’s nothing interesting about a guy eating cookie dough.

Posting about the clothing he wears,

He doesn’t realize that nobody cares.


Drama Starter:

The girl that starts rumors and lies

Is who everyone can’t help but despise.

Out of nowhere, she will start yelling

At a random person, but why, she’s not telling.

Looking for attention is what she does best,

Putting everyone’s patience to the test.

Always wanting everyone to feel sorry for her,

She drives us all crazy, that is for sure.

I wish she would leave everyone alone.

She shouldn’t be typing in that kind of tone.


Mr. Nosy:

The person you have to be careful for

Will find out your business down to the core.

He looks at everyone’s walls because he wants to know

What people are up to and where they will go.

He clicks on your friends to see who is who

And checks on their profiles to see what they like to do.

Top news and drama is what he knows all about.

A day of snooping, he can’t go without.

When a status is posted, he is usually the first to see.

It is a little creepy, don’t you agree?


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