Novice Poet

Sat, 09/14/2013 - 16:07 -- Kbarej


It’s something SO ingenious

(And nearly incomplete)

It comes from a great intellect

Be ready to read


To absorb my profound message

I suggest you close your eyes

You’d be saved from my futile words

Take my own advice


Here is my composition

Don’t you think it ought to rot?

It’s better off hidden

Buried in a forsaken lot


Who cares if it rhymes?

What I write may have no purpose

“It’s too simple, not deep”

A piece of written carcass


I know I am no Poe

With great lyrical disposition

Just a small person with small words

And perhaps no greater ambition


But before my average stanzas

This paper was utterly blank

IT had no purpose

Nonexistent, too be frank


The minimal and random

My mind is currently emitting

In fact, can be treasured

If one is only willing


I think I’ll end this piece

Else, I’ll lose my train of thought

Note, it’s simplicity that may have won

Your once unconvinced heart


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