What You're Worth

Fri, 09/20/2013 - 16:06 -- kkirbb

Some say I’m conceited, others I’m mistreated.

Some are scared to lose me, others just abuse me.

Some think I’m a queen, others say it’s just a dream.

They tell me I won’t make it, but I just gotta shake it.

Only I know who I am,

Only I know where I’ve been.

I tell em’ they don’t know a thing.

Just let em’ sit back and watch me win.


We’re all on the same plane,

Playing the same game.

But we’re all dealt different pain,

Trying to make it to the fame.

It’s not a matter of how you do it.

It’s just a matter of what you’re doin’ it for.

Is there more?

Or are you just gonna walk out that door?


If you leave it all behind,

Well you’re never gonna shine.

This is what it’s all about.

You gotta fight it out,

To make it to the top

And even then, you can’t stop. 


You couldn’t control,

Your role on this earth.

But now you’re left with the chance to show what you’re worth.


Let it out.

Scream and shout.

Make your mark today,

No regrets the next day. 

That’s the way you gotta play.

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