Chemical Vent


(poems go here)Seasons don't change when there's ice in your veins.

I am a victim

A sweet target with barely bitten skin torn by life's fangs.

I am forgotten

I light fire against chrome but his reflection hasn't a name.

I'm a beginner

A rookie poisoned by a natural craft that brought me unwanted fame. 

I'm an animal

Shunned for not willing to be trained

Too ruthless to be tamed

Too hungry for inner freedom to end up in life's cage. 

I am a leader

The weight of my name is too heavy to feel shame.

I am a product

Bought, sold, and exposed with an image to maintain.

But I have a story

Daily living the unwritten but when I was allowed to be sane,

I was an artist

A gifted soul drenched in music, seeking its greater purpose.

I was a lover

Fighting for outer freedom because I was taught that I deserved it.

I had a vision

Risking everything to reach my dreams because it seemed worth it.

I got discovered

Promotion was the potion that landed me success.

I was dissected

My gift torn from joint to limb only to ensure that I'd be the best.

I felt the pressure

What I gave was never enough for them so I became depressed.

I had regrets

Wishes for privacy that wasn't written in my contract.

I lost my voice.

Expression became an obligation so intoxication became my choice.

I am a corpse

Made up to be lifelessly displayed for a financial expense.

I am alone

No one cares to hear my problems so injection is where I vent.

I am an object

Stripped and criticized at an age too young to give consent.

I am a prodigy

The spawn of a man scorned of failure

Who recognized my gift and applied the pressure

So as long as I am successful,

My addiction is nothing he ever cared to prevent.

I am an addict,

And that's something I'll never be allowed to publicly admit.


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