I Think of You

Early in the morning

When I first see the sun

When the birds wake me up

When I wish you were by my side

I think of you

Late in the afternoon

When I go to lunch with friends

When there is no one there to eat my leftovers

When there isn't another plate to nibble from

I think of you 

And at night

When I wish I could cuddle with you until we fall asleep 

When there is no one there to steal my covers

When I get your "goodnight my love" text

I think of you 





i am still smiling after reading this love poem. i can hear

the longing and delicate memory of love in this poem.

one of my favorite love poets, Carol Ann Duffy, believes love is a talent.

Her book of poems, Rapture, is one I carry to every vacation, subway ride,

even to the gym while waiting for the treadmill. Please consider this suggestion.

she is simple and delicate with her words, just like you.

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