One Step for the Sea


One step forward

The soft sand cushions my foot with its tenderness and warmth

Seeping between the secret crevices of my toes

The sun drenched grains heat my feet

Almost burning

But not enough to hurt


Another step

The path begins to cool

As my heart leads me

To the edge of the waves

Where they violently crash

Racing, scrambling onshore

Extending their greedy fingers

To try and reach the hot, dry sand

But they cannot touch


Closer I come

To the playful water

As the waves rush forward

Almost angry

But recede as if

They have forgiven

What had made them so upset

My toes begin to seep

Into the cool sand

Of which the tides have kissed

And refreshed them from the sun’s powerful gaze


Another step forward

Now my feet stand together

On the moistened floor of the beach

That the waves cannot resist embracing

Spreading the light, transparent blue sheet

Over the warm sand



Only to pull the covers off

And fold them back into the current


Boldly I step

Closer to the tide

The waters now rush

To greet the new guest

That I call my feet

Washing over my toes

Kissing my heels

Ticking my ankles

Running away

Teasing my feet

To follow further


Another footfall

The waves become bolder

Gathering more of its friends

To reach for my legs

Rising to my shin

And receding back to its homeland



The water rises to my knees

Splashing against my thighs

Pulling me deeper

And deeper

Until I realize my hips

Have been entranced as well

Lulled by the ocean's sweet voice

Begging me to join the sea

To join the sea with me


I can no longer step

But I swim

Into the blue

Into the ocean

Into the sea

Where the beauty

Of life

Calls for me

I answer the call

I answer this plea

As I wade

And wander


Into the world for me


Krissy Shaye

Very, very amazing. I loved it. Love the way you captured the mood and the picture. Don't stop writing you are very, very talented. Good job and God bless.


Thank you so much!!!

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