Crooked Smile

Tue, 08/13/2013 - 15:40 -- MariH

Life isn't about finding yourself

Life is about creating yourself

It gets hard

Living in a world that's wrapped up in a system that we didn't create

Leaving generations and generations to be to pay for the past mistakes

Its a repeating cycle that needs to break

As a young girl I witnessed a lot

Domestic Violence especially

Seem as though it wouldn't stop

No child should ever have to experience a parents divorce

A scar in the heart and got deeper even more

That's when the world in my eyes began to change

Music to my ears didn't even sound the same

Its more to life than looks and wealth

Getting an Education is only the key

It's the only way out if you can open up your eyes and see

Textbooks only tell students in the classroom what they want to know

I do my own research and when I speak it show

History repeats itself because not everyone unerstand

Which leave choices in your own hands

Living day by day may get hard

But keeping  hope and prayers

Assures that everything will be okay

We get so caught up in reaching our destination

But forget to enjoy our journey on the way

If you believe in yourself  and turn negatives into a motive

You'll soon realize

Regardless of what you go or been through

Everything will  be fine

Remember you're not the only one who face hard times

Keep that in mind

Life is what you make it

Push, Strive and Believe

With those three concepts

You will always Achieve

                                                                                          -Mariay Hamilton



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