Who Am I



Ms. Blanchard told us,

A poem you should write

in this format tonight.

Don’t worry class,

You’ll get it done fast.

I am seventeen and I came from here.

Yes, Georgia is where I am from.

My sister and me,

school, this is where we come.

Wait, there’s not just one,

The other is older.

Was that a question?

I look over my shoulder.


Who am I, you ask.

Well, I love band, dolphins and purple.

Hardwork, family and friendship:

Things that matter to me.

Oh, my best friend? 

That’s Maddie Khuri.

A biologist, the marine kind

is what I hope to be.

When I’m not home, 

driving in my Kia Soul,

Rascal Flatts keeps me whole.

Dislikes that I feel:

Spiders, you know the deal.

Who am I, you ask. I know, 

I like winter, kids, shopping 

and concerts, the whole bit.

This is my page for AP Lit.



This was an assignment that caused me to think about who I am as a person and write it all down on one page. This is a representation of me.

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