Addicted to "King"

Wed, 09/11/2013 - 22:13 -- Kiki214

His scent sends my blood ablaze

He takes my mind to a whole different place

Heart rate increasing , conscious depleting, sensation building don't want it to end 

Hes brought me the warmth again that had once left my soul

He brought the heat i needed to melt away the cold

Tiredness ceasing, images fleeting,certainty leaving I'm almost there

Hes brought the smile back that was once erased from my face

and once again someone has filled that empty space

Temperature rising,euphoria inflating,frame of mind elevating I've hit my climax

Hes taking over my thoughts and dreams while lying awake in my bed

He takes away the doubts with every word that is said

Fear multiplying, paranoia not resigning, aggression occupying I'm down from the high

He has brought me so much in so little time

That it makes me hold back any doubts in my mind

White powder falling,resolve dissolving,inhaling my savior



Me and King alone again







My favorite part is the phrase between every two lines.It breaks the pattern and gives it a new dynamic. It also incorporates the feeling you get from "king" or more commonly known cocaine and displays the relationship between user and substance as intimate


My favorite part of this poem is the line between every lines. It breaks the rythm and gives it a certain dynamic. It also descibes the feelings of being high on "king" commonly known as cocaine and it paints a picture of how it can be so addicted by showing the relationship between user and substance as intimate. 

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