A Lifetime


United States
39° 56' 51.2556" N, 83° 46' 22.8864" W

He looked upon it with new eyes
A beautiful place before him lied
So much to do and a lifetime to spare
Alone a boy without any cares

A cop for a day, he pounded the floors
Locked up the criminals with the slam of a door
Rolled in the grass and beamed at the sun
And played through the day till the weary sun was done

Not so long after he left that old place
Set off on his own heart-pounding race
Met a nice girl and sang her a song
He knew where he was going then before long

Just like he’d planned he returned to that place
This time with her, bowties and lace
Sat her down gently and they looked around
Things he remembered and new things to be found

The years grew quickly on him and she
Shortly he sang no longer to her but her tree
She lied underneath and they reminisced
Each time he left the cold stone he kissed

The little boy looked at his old self
Placed his recollections up on the shelf
Closed his eyes and dreamt like a child
Watched his life pass and finally smiled

From the last expression on his face
You could tell he loved that place
Though life had died and gone away
Still the memories remained


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