Window Pain

Dreams of days that have not been,

Maybe someday, known not when.

If the future, dreams foretell,

To the present, fare thee well.


For days in progress, fondness lacks,

Closing doors behind our backs.

Locking tightly, there we be,

Lost with darkness, not a key.


Blind confinement, deep and wide,

Unseen walls on every side.

‘Til from the darkness, sound to ears,

From the void, a light appears.


Worse than darkness known before,

Worse than closing, locking door –

A window, sealed, the world to view,

With what we’ve done, but cannot do.


Flowers, trees, fields of grass,

Live and grow beyond the glass.

Different meanings, speak the same:

Window pain – window pain.


But through am I, being sealed away,

With what were colors, now turned gray.

Life to live, it’s time to heal.

I’ll tear the door from hinges steel.


So days in progress, let them end.

In myself, I’ve found a friend.

Love for life I’ve yet to live,

World stand by, I’ve much to give.


And if I see a nameless face,

From a window, in that nameless place.

I’ll help tear down their bolted door,

So they, too, may live once more.


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