We live in a society 

That can't comprehend beauty,

But calls symmetry pretty

And isn't that a pity.

We're told to behave,

How to act like a slave.

But the don't give us what we crave

And still punish us when we misbehave.

Well, screw society's thought.

I don't care what they taught

Or what wisdom they sought.

To me, they're barely an afterthought.

We're all amazing creations

Built with no defections.

A mere composition of perfection

Mixed with a little rejection.

We don't fit the norms.

We're considered deformed.

But society's uniformity

Isn't ready for our monstrous storm.

They'll be taken by surprise

When we reform and rise

And with everyones uiqe talent

The world will be revolutionised.


And hey, we're not failures.

Neither are our abnormal behaviors.

At least thats what I think when I'm accepted.

I'm not considered inept.

But should we really be happy?

Or get all sappy? 

Because we never failed.

We all prevailed.

Because we made it.

We made it!


And love will be in each and everyone one of us

No matter what we did, no matter who we are.

And we dont have to deal with any arrogance

Cause no one is jealous.

We're all full of acceptance.


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