Vicious Love

Fri, 06/21/2013 - 18:37 -- Tobin

It is what it is love, a predestined malicious love. Love without mercy a ruthless and vicious love. A war like love, a love where losses are casual. The loss of insecurities and distrust is actual and more than factual. A love without ending patent still pending, love that punishes pain, and makes hate know the meaning. Destructive love that evokes a host of joyful tears, a patient love that decapitates your fears.  Love that hunts down loneliness, sets greed on fire. Love that kills selfishness, selfless guns for desire. This love I speak of is ruthless, vicious and unconventional but it's enduring, sacrificial and unconditional.  Love is a choice let our annihilating love inspire, let’s live in God and in his love let us get higher. 


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