I'm walking in the woods,

The leaves crushing under my feet.  

I smell the bark from the trees and the life from the ground below me.

As I continue walking, it starts to rain.

I'm not worried though because I have no makeup that will run down my face.

I'm not worried about my clothes getting wet,

Because here, I am comfortable.

I may be alone, or with another close person;

But within these woods,  I am me.

I have no one to judge me, and tell me I'm not pretty enough.

I have no one to tell me I'm not trying hard enough.

Without makeup, high heels, and "filters", I am happy and I am home.

We should work to achieve this beauty.

We should work to go back to the fundimental parts of life,



And acceptance.

Here I am real,

Join me and let go of the bustling world around us.

Feel life and love. 

Feel like a part of something greater than yourself.

In the woods, I am home.

No filter, no makeup, no high heels.

But I am me.


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